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K M Phases des camélias

Kit Miles

W 70 cm / H 330 cm | block repeat

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Drawn completely by hand in his London studio, Inspired by the life giving force of nature, here the power of a single droplet of water to contain the building blocks of life is celebrated and forms the concept of ‘neo ornament’. Here camellias grow and rise up out of a glimmering pool of life taking on an architectural scale.

A two to three week lead time should be observed.

Design Name: Phases des camélias (椿の相)
Colour: Snow, Velvet blue and Yellows.
Repeat: 27 x 129.9 inches - W 70 cm / H 330 cm | block repeat - – 10m Roll
Roll size: Three panels per roll.

To order a sample and for sales enquiries please contact enquiry@frozenfountain.nl