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Elitis Un toque de oro

Elitis Un toque de oro


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1. Un toque de oro VP 722 01

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On the smallest island of the Balearics, it feels like the ends of the earth. In front of ancient wild landscapes and waters of exceptional color, from here to there and everywhere, straw. With Formentera, its memory adorns the scene, reminiscent of a thousand colors, sometimes two-colored, sometimes matte, sometimes even metallic. A collection of vinyl embossing complementary to the range of natural textures: a sophisticated, two-tone straw with a very natural effect.

Un toque de oro (uni coordonné)
Plus product : Custom size on demand, Permanent fire resistant, Washable, Very good stain and knock resistance
Non-inflammable: ASTM E84 class A
Composition : Vinyl on non woven backing
Care : Washable
Measurements +/- 3% : Standard available in 1 drop of 0.7 m (27") x 3 m (118") or Custom size
Measurements +/- 3% : Standard of 2.8 m x 3 m (110''x118'') available in 4 drops of 0.7 m (27") or Custom size